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our designed treatment program

Love for ourselves, the wellbeing of our bodies, the awareness of the best way to rediscover our beauty:
icoone Beauty Design is the path to achieving all of this.

These are the elements that make icoone unique at global level and capable of achieving the best results:

Roboderm® technology,which makes it possible to treat connective tissue effectively and deep down;

symmetrical two-hand microstimulation, twice as fast and effective;

the combination with LASER and LED, which permit targeted treatments on specific fat areas resistant to diet and exercise;

a unique, relaxing, non-invasiveand 100% natural experience;

a wide variety of handpieces, with which it is also possible to treat more delicate or sensitive skin and more difficult-to-reach areas.

For these reasons, with icoone it is possible to createpersonalised treatment courses for men and women of all ages.


Cellulite is an alteration in the skin tissue which affects most women, also mesomorphs and slim people and regardless of age, and is mainly localised on the legs, buttocks and tummy. The onset of cellulite can have many causes - genetic or hormonal factors, high-calorie diet or a sedentary lifestyle - and thanks to icoone it is possible to create a targeted treatment to improve skin quality and obtain visible results from the first session.

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Who said that to remodel your body with exceptional results you have to undergo surgery? icoone is a non-invasive solution for giving new harmony to your figure and rediscovering your natural beauty.

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Thanks to its delicate and non-invasive action, icoone offers future mothers the experience of an effective and relaxing treatment, lightening their legs, draining fluids and helping to prevent the onset of imperfections like broken capillaries, cellulite, localised fat and water retention.

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